Friday, December 15, 2006

Adultery is Back, and Better Than Ever

Zing! Once again I have "zinged" you with a seemingly "racy" headline, which refers in fact to the excellent Dick Powell feature film THE PITFALL, a fatalistic noir look at the subject of adultery. As my faithful "blog"ites know, I have been watching Dick Powell movies for work. Anyway, it so happens, completely without design, that I have watched five movies in a row (two of them Powells) about adultery, each more adulterous than the last. After THE PITFALL, I had a blessed respite from adultery with Preston Sturges' CHRISTMAS IN JULY. It seemed, however, in one scene, that I came across the bete noir of this "blog"... a cigarette holder. But in all truthfulness, I could not tell with my weary old eyes whether Dick Powell was smoking a cigarette or a puny kind of cigar, so I am going to let this one pass in our running tabulation.