Tuesday, December 12, 2006

"Blog" Celebrates 200th "Post"

It seems as if the 200th "post" of this venerable "blog" almost passed unnoticed. The honor belongs to a modest little number entitled "Miracle Cure". It's a fine little "post" and we're all very proud of it. But we can't honestly say that we don't wish the 200th had been one with a lilting, elliptical monicker like "Anonymous Department Store Imbroglio," which sounds as if it could be the title of a Bob Dylan song. Anyhow, it's time to look back at some of the "posts" that have given us such joy lo these many years. Who can forget the time I was too tired to read the newspaper? Or when Jeff got a special donut? We'll not soon see a donut like that again. How we chuckled together as a nation when the cat played with the rubber band. And mourned when I cut my finger. And there were moments of soaring artistry, too, like the time we all learned to read Donald Barthelme stories on the "internet." Truly, is there anything we can't do together? Here is to the next 100 "posts." No. Here is to YOU.