Tuesday, December 12, 2006

McNeil's Movie Korner: Dino Edition

Welcome to our regular feature where Jeff McNeil tells you what movies to enjoy. Released today on DVD, a single disc featuring two Dean Martin films: WHO WAS THAT LADY? and HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE AND RUIN YOUR LIFE. Hey, that reminds me. Back in high school, Mr. McNeil and I used to love those old, long, crazy titles from the 60s. We thought there should be a movie where Dean Martin played Martin Luther, and it should be called 95 WAYS TO GET EXCOMMUNICATED. This is only funny if you're very, very familiar with Dean Martin movie titles. And it couldn't hurt to know a thing or two about Reformation theology! What a gas. Anyway, this is McNeil's Korner, not mine. So I should stick with his message. $14.99 for TWO Dino movies? Jeff says you can't afford NOT to take advantage of this tremendous offer. Act now! (Pictured, Martin Luther.)