Sunday, December 17, 2006

My Eyes Were Chapped and Burning

You know how we love coincidences on the "blog." We talk about them all the time. We never shut up. That's because the universe is guiding the "blog" and we are only its humble lackey. We love you, "blog"! But more of that later! So... last night my eyes were chapped and burning as I finished what I thought would be my last Dick Powell movie. When I turned off the DVD player, TCM came on. Who was standing there but Mr. Robert Osborne, that channel's genial host, informing me, through the miracle of TV "airwaves" or "cable impulses," that the next movie up was "the last film in which Dick Powell acted," SUSAN SLEPT HERE. So I stayed up and watched it with a certain elegiac sense of duty. O, mine eyes! But the movie proved fruitful - both as fodder for my article and as entertainment. In a final proof that something larger than myself is running the "blog," SUSAN SLEPT HERE costarred Alvy Moore, in the EXACT SAME HAIRCUT with which we have presented him here. Also finally, SUSAN SLEPT HERE was directed by Frank Tashlin, auteur of "blog" "fave" BACHELOR FLAT. Mr. Tashlin also directed many films starring Jerry Lewis and one or two, I think, with Bob Hope. Remarkable! Significant!