Thursday, December 28, 2006

Right Neighborly

This "blog" is positive! That's just the way it is. We're happy to be here! I'm glad to have interesting upstairs neighbors who are apparently from a mythic part of Holland where wooden shoes are still in vogue. These spirited folk never remove their magical shoes, even during the tender act of physical affection. They're committed, and I salute them! They go to bed on the dot at four in the morning and rise promptly two hours later to walk around in their wooden shoes without surcease. They enjoy exercise, always a sign of good health and character! Meanwhile their two gigantic dogs, similarly shod, chase what Theresa believes to be a hockey puck back and forth over our heads. They love their dogs! They provide their dogs with fun entertainment! It's a good quality in people. The best part is, during the two hours a day when our human (or sprite!) neighbors stop walking around in their wooden shoes, the dogs make sure to take up the slack. O! the imaginative things they can think of to do with a hockey puck. These are highly intelligent dogs! At no time do we ever feel alone, thanks to the kind efforts of our robust and tireless neighbors.