Sunday, December 17, 2006

McNeil's Movie Korner: McNeil Predicts

Welcome again to McNeil's Movie Korner, the only place you can go on the "web" to get movie advice from the friend of someone who has a "blog." In this edition, McNeil predicts - without having seen it yet - that he, and you, will greatly enjoy a film entitled A VERY SPECIAL FAVOR, starring Rock Hudson and Leslie Caron. Why? Because the team who wrote it also came up with HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE AND RUIN YOUR LIFE. McNeil goes on to list a stream of coincidences, a practice we encourage - nay, demand! - here at the "blog": "Nate Monaster," writes McNeil, "one of the writers of HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE, also worked on CALL ME BWANA [starring "blog" "fave" Bob Hope]." CALL ME BWANA, McNeil points out, was directed by Gordon Douglas, who also helmed WAY... WAY OUT, the subject of a previous "McNeil's Movie Korner." "But here's the real kicker," says McNeil, all in a froth. "Fielder Cook, the director of HOW TO SAVE A MARRIAGE, lived in [McNeil's hometown] until he died in 2003! If only I had known!" McNeil goes on to fantasize about the missed opportunity of some kind of Tuesdays With Morrie type relationship with Mr. Cook, during which, McNeil posits, he could have "wrangled" some secrets about Dino and Stella. "DAMN!!!!" McNeil concludes (exclamation points his). The "blog" regrets the cussing, but we felt it essential to capturing McNeil's unique voice.