Thursday, December 14, 2006

Troubleshooting Your Kibbee

I was checking my picture of Guy Kibbee the other day, and I noticed that it had vanished! In its place was a strange little icon with the word "image" underneath it. When I "clicked" on "image," my picture of Guy Kibbee came back, only - and this is the eerie part - it was slightly altered! Kibbee was looking at me funny! I am no "computing" expert, so I cannot explain this "computer" phenomenon. This is just a "heads up" in case you have similar trouble. As a back-up, here is the "web" site where I originally found my Kibbee. How do I expect my "blog"ites to phone in their Kibbee tips without a visual reference? (NOTE: "Blog"ites is special "blogging" slang for people who enjoy "blogs.")