Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Enemy Within

Recently I found myself in the enviable position of a "fly on the wall" as Theresa Starkey and Tom Franklin discussed the movie imagery that terrified them as children. Both were traumatized, coincidentally, by the exact same highlight from a film called GRIZZLY, in which a woman had her head swatted off, I believe, by a grizzly bear. Apparently this woman was in the vicinity of a waterfall, and somehow the action of her head being swatted off caused the waterfall to turn red - with blood, one assumes. Mr. Franklin went on to describe a TV movie, a Barbara Eden vehicle entitled THE ENEMY WITHIN. According to Mr. Franklin, he still recalls with terror a scene in which a doctor holds up an x-ray and says, "Two hearts." Something is amiss in Barbara Eden's body! An alien lives there, perhaps! In another scene that stays with Mr. Franklin to this day, Ms. Eden apparently writhes around on a bed, laughing maniacally. There was a third terrifying thing about THE ENEMY WITHIN, but Mr. Franklin says it has slipped his mind for the moment. (Pictured, Barbara Eden in happier times.)