Monday, November 04, 2013

Frasier, Briefly

Welcome once again to "Frasier, Briefly," your only place on the "internet" for all the latest Frasier news! On tonight's ADVENTURE TIME episode, Jake says to Finn (I may be paraphrasing slightly) "I need to talk to you in the kitchen." Classic Frasier! Frasier used to say that all the time. I happen to know that series creator Pen Ward, like Dr. Theresa and Kelly Hogan (and me!) is an inveterate Frasier watcher, though I am not exactly sure what "inveterate" means. In conclusion, I do not think it is a spoiler by any means to say that we tried to get Frasier to do a voice on the show, but today we learned that he is "too busy." I wrote a song for Frasier to sing on ADVENTURE TIME, and they sent him the demo, but I guess he didn't like it enough. TOO BUSY! This is the worst day of my life.