Thursday, July 31, 2014

Money Is Poop

I watched THE WHEELER DEALERS the other night and immediately realized I had nothing to say about it. So here goes. It had Freud and expressionist art in it like so many 1960s romantic comedies. (See also.) Louis Nye rode a tricycle with paint on the tires over a large canvas on the floor, a half-remembered scene alluded to in one of my books. Why are 60s comedies always sticking it to psychiatrists and artists? It's not repressive desublimation (see also). It has something to do with the essentially conservative nature (?) of romantic comedy. Maybe. I don't care. "You know what Freud said about money. It's refuse! It's dirt!" cried one character primed for our scorn. I believe Freud actually said that money is poop. He really did. You know, I could have just skipped writing this one.