Friday, March 27, 2015

Kent's Delightfully Obscene Pantomime

I was up at the City Grocery Bar regaling everyone for the millionth time about that thing James M. Cain said when the interviewer asked him what he thought about what the movie studio had done to his novel MILDRED PIERCE and he said something like, "Why, they didn't do anything to it, it's sitting right here on the shelf." And Kent said, "Why, my dear, they didn't do anything to it, it's right over... WHAAAAA??????" And then he pantomimed the unspeakably obscene thing that he imagined James M. Cain might have seen being done to his book at that moment. We ate at Gus's Fried Chicken yesterday and that reminded Kent of the time that he was in another city wolfing down awful cubed-chicken hotel nachos and when he walked outside there was A GUS'S FRIED CHICKEN RIGHT THERE! RIGHT OUTSIDE THE HOTEL! But it was too late. Kent was already full of terrible nachos. "It was heartbreaking," Kent said.