Wednesday, October 14, 2020

My Understanding

You know how Megan and I have our little club where we read certain books, and the current one is about a guy rehearsing the role of Guildenstern in Toronto. I haven't told you that Richard Burton plays Hamlet. But anyway! Usually, I feel, I am about 2-5 pages behind Megan in our reading. This time, somehow, I sped ahead at an ungodly rate. So, while Megan catches up, I have been dipping into Alex Ross's new book about Wagner. Somehow, independently, I stumbled onto the fact that Richard Burton had starred as Wagner in an 8-hour feature film (?), which was cut up and distributed in various versions. At least that's my understanding of the piece, which may be flawed - my understanding, I mean, as usual. But I did find an 8-hour feature film version and watched (I checked) one minute and twenty-eight seconds of it before texting Megan, "It's good so far." Normally I wouldn't bother you with such matters, having given up "blogging" the day our TV exploded in 2016, but as you know, I have resumed a more vigorous "blogging" regimen during our trying times in the interest of soothing away your cares and woes. You're welcome!