Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Brown Spots

Let's have a little roundup of everything that is exciting on the "internet" today! ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY has a clip of an upcoming ADVENTURE TIME episode featuring guest-star Peter Serafinowicz. I even wrote a song for Peter Serafinowicz to sing! That song does not appear in the clip. But I think it appears in the episode! Before you watch the clip you have to watch an ad: Jennifer Aniston hawking some kind of cream that erases your telltale brown aging spots. A natural sponsor for ADVENTURE TIME! Elsewhere on the "internet": a love letter to Megan Abbott, courtesy of the SLATE magazine. I found out about the article at last night's Good Idea Club meeting, where it was paraphrased succinctly as "Megan Abbott is the greatest genius ever," and we all agreed! We toasted on it! The reviewer is so flustered by Megan Abbott's powerful writing that he trots out Yakov Smirnoff and MATRIX references in a kitchen-sink attempt to express the totality of his appreciation - and he is charmingly embarrassed by the hopeless nature of his own efforts. A fitting tribute to Megan Abbott, whose work destroys all those who come in contact with it! In a good way! Later this month I will sit down with Megan Abbott at Square Books and talk to her in a public forum about her incredible new novel THE FEVER. Stay tuned! I feel in my heart I should illustrate this "post" with a photo of Yakov Smirnoff.