Friday, June 13, 2014

Reed Richards

GIANT came on TV late last night and I watched the whole thing. It's long! But you can't stop watching it. Everybody remembers James Dean from the first part of the movie when he's dressed up like a cowboy, all those iconic poses. But you can't beat James Dean in the second part of the movie, with the old-age makeup! They give him exaggeratedly white temples like Reed Richards in the Fantastic Four. He sits inside a dark restaurant at night during a thunderstorm and wears his sunglasses (pictured)! This is the James Dean I would like to emulate, fashion-wise. Check out the flower in his lapel. Later he stands outside during the storm with the rain coming down on him still wearing his sunglasses and miraculously smoking a drenched cigarette in his rumpled brown suit with the yellow flower in the lapel (a yellow rose of Texas?) and John Waters moustache and old-age makeup and Reed Richards hair. This frame from the movie doesn't give you a real good sense of what I'm talking about but I don't care, that's your problem. A few minutes later (the same night in movie time) his hair is completely white, by the way. Was it turned white by romantic disappointment? Did the rain supposedly wash out the dye? Was that supposed to be dye? I can't believe it was a continuity mistake. It's too... GIANT. Maybe I missed something. I usually miss something. Anyway, his hair turns white.