Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Beer Tastes Good

Just got back from the final meeting of Good Idea Club. "What is Good Idea Club?" you ask. And as always I answer, "Go to hell!" The inner workings of Good Idea Club are a secret. Just today McKay was asked to describe Good Idea Club on videotape and she said, "TURN THE CAMERA OFF!" She refused to go on. That's a true story! By McKay's reckoning I have probably already said too much! But I was walking down the street to Good Idea Club and the last purple light was in the sky and I ran into Jimmy. "Bats!" Jimmy said, pointing at the sky. And I looked up and saw three little bats with translucent wings chasing each other. "There's lots of bats at Faulkner's grave," Jimmy said mysteriously. He did not elaborate! When I got to Good Idea Club I wrote down what Jimmy had said on a torn-off part of a brown paper bag. We had champagne and pizza at the last-ever meeting of Good Idea Club. McKay used her grandmother's champagne glasses, which she had never used before. It was my favorite kind of champagne glass, the coupe. On many a New Year's Eve Dr. Theresa and I have had champagne out of a martini glass because it was the closest thing we had on hand to a coupe. But these were the real thing, and when we ran out of champagne we drank beer. Beer tastes good out of somebody's grandmother's champagne coupe. And that is all you will ever know about Good Idea Club and goodbye forever from Good Idea Club.