Friday, June 20, 2014

What Happened

Uh, I don't know. Nothing. Maybe all those movies cooked my brain. I ran out of things to say. Who cares? One day I went to that used book stall I've told you about and found a copy of RICHARD III for $2. I've been lazily looking for it. It always seems to be out of stock at Square Books, though they have many, many other Shakespeare plays. Off Square Books too, where they keep their used stock. Is RICHARD III that popular? Do people treasure their ratty old paperbacks of RICHARD III? Are they buried with them? The one I bought has a lot of underlinings in it. The previous owner underlines something and writes "FANTASTIC!" next to it. A long while back Lee Durkee mentioned to me that RICHARD III had two hilarious murderers in it who reminded him of Beckett characters, but their best stuff was cut out of most productions. So I looked them up in the book and Lee was right and I was going to "blog" about it but suddenly the prospect seemed so wearying, sitting here typing up Shakespeare dialogue. I took a nap instead. I'm still not up to it. McNeil emailed to tell me there were some Rock Hudson/Doris Day movies coming on TCM last night. That reminded me of an email he sent in early April: "Hey, I was watching 'Send Me No Flowers' again the other night and I thought that we should make a pact. When one of us gets a terminal illness, the other should hang around like Tony Randall's character and make careless insensitive remarks and drink all the time. That gives one of us something to look forward to! Hahaha. See, I've already started."