Friday, September 29, 2006

Genius Craves Peanuts: Part Three of a Continuing Series

We've received word here at the blog from Mr. George Saunders, recipient of a recent and highly deserved genius grant from the MacArthur Foundation. "I was a Charlie Brown guy, straight down the line," Mr. Saunders tells ye olde blogger (as we now refer to ourselves). "Or more accurately: A Snoopy/Linus/Charlie Brown guy. I could feel my psyche objectified in those three characters, exactly." As we continue to amass data here about the youthful comic book preferences of our nation's finest thinkers and writers we have hired a small staff of 32 very enthusiastic and helpful young men and women who will continue to tabulate the results and plumb the significance of the accumulated information. By the way, here's today's helpful "blogging" hint: If you "click" on a word or phrase that appears to be light blue, or some other delightful color, you will be sent to a "link." Try it! It's easy and fun!