Thursday, September 28, 2006

One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Hello, web friends. I feel as if we are all friends here on the web. Here's another picture. It's easy to put pictures on your blog once you get the hang of it. This photo represents the grand opening of the amazing independent bookstore Turnrow Book Co. in Greenwood, Mississippi. I was there to read along with (from left to right, not counting me) William "Provinces of Night" Gay, Dennis "Mystic River" Lehane and Tom "Smonk" Franklin. Fascinatingly, Smonk is both the name of Tom's new book AND his actual middle name. Psych! I'm the one in the picture who appears to be cringing and simpering as though, despite the fact that I had no idea the picture was being taken, I instinctively assumed the odd-man-out stance so appropriate to this scenario, which puts one in mind of that old Sesame Street ditty in which one was supposed to... dear Lord I'm exhausting myself with my tortured logorrhea. I'm just trying to say these men are great writers. Not pictured, Ashley Warlick, another great writer who read that lovely day. Go to Greenwood and visit Jamie and Kelly at Turnrow Book Co.