Sunday, December 12, 2010

Advice For People Who Like to Take Naps

Do you ever take a nap with the TV on? Sure, why not? Sometimes that background burble is just the thing you need to lull you into a peaceful slumber on the couch, with the added bonus that our nation's hardworking advertisers get direct access to your subconscious mind! Win-win, right? But NEVER TRY TO TAKE A NAP during a broadcast of the 1979 monster movie PROPHECY. Almost everything about it DEFIES YOU TO TAKE A NAP. Because you are constantly like, "WHAT?" Like IN THE FIRST 30 MINUTES there is a man with a chainsaw fighting a man with an axe AND a fast-motion attack from a crazed raccoon! ARE YOU LISTENING TO ME PEOPLE? How are you going to take a nap during that? You are NOT! This is what I learned yesterday afternoon. And today I thought, "I bet my 'internet' pen pal who likes KINGDOM OF THE SPIDERS has something to say about PROPHECY on his 'web' site." And of course I was right! "Click" here if you do not mind a spoiler or two, especially for his description of a key scene, THE key scene, an unforgettable bit of gory slapstick involving this dozing youngster completely cocooned in his bright yellow sleeping bag like a helpless banana while a mutant bear is on the loose, maybe another bad time to take a nap.