Thursday, December 09, 2010


Hey! Here is one thing Marc Smirnoff ignored! I told him that the Oxford American music issue about Alabama, which comes with an awesome CD, should include an old-timey Alabama college band called Club Wig. Ignored! But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy Club Wig together as a "blog" family. "Click" here for example! Club Wig featured a friend of mine who probably has the coolest real-life name of any really real real-life person I know: Edwin Brobston Cleverdon. He is real! And that is his real name, as given to him at birth. And I think he might be a III, although it is equally possible that I am concocting that fact. In any case, listen to him play and sing, won't you? (PS, I am teasing Mr. Smirnoff, who put together an exemplary CD as usual. But some Club Wig would not have hurt!)