Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I Love Everything

I love everything about this tiny record player, including its slogan "Oh So Tiny... And It Really Plays." I also love what a rip-off it probably is for so many obvious reasons. And this crazed child who is going into some kind of religious mania over her tiny record player. It makes her feel like a powerful giant! She has never felt so alive! Somehow she popped up when I was searching for a picture of Julie London yesterday. I also love images that pop up for no reason. Hey! Want to see Julie London singing "Cry Me River" in the Frank Tashlin film THE GIRL CAN'T HELP IT, the memory of which helped inspire yesterday's "post"? I know you do! So "click" here. Comments on youtube are "interesting" as usual. There's the inevitable lacerating invective that makes the "internet" such a pleasant place to while away the hours (this time about "the shrill, screeching voices of many modern female artists who don't seem able to hold a steady note without warbling all over the place") and this one, which is touching - I guess! - in its own weird way: "I named my 1986 Cutlass Supreme after Julie. Rest in peace, baby."