Monday, June 06, 2011

Recommendation Shelf Controversy!

I was over at Square Books picking up my Geneva Bible - yes I was! - when I noticed something awry on my recommendation shelf. Awry, I said! The Calvino had been sold... that part is cool! But SOMEONE had replaced it with a novel by some Nobel prizewinner of whom I have never heard. Nothing against Nobel prizewinners! But I shudder to think of false recommendations being issued in my name. "Must have been a weekend worker," theorized an incensed Michael Bible (I wish he had a sister named Geneva Bible). You will be happy to know that I replaced the phony recommendation with one of my old favorites, RAVEL by Jean Echenoz. That makes FIVE books sold by my recommendation shelf, which means that I am turning the economy around for our nation! While I was loitering in Square Books I noticed that Dick Cavett has come out with a new autobiographical volume. How sad I was as I paged through the index and found nary a Jerry Lewis reference. Nor were "Pascagoula" and "UFO" among the listings, leading me to conclude that there is nothing in the book about the time Mr. Cavett interviewed the Pascagoula UFO abductees of my tender youth. So don't waste your money on that one! (Pictured, a detail from Edward De Vere's Geneva Bible, which "Blog" Buddy Lee Durkee has examined in person.)