Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sizzling Celebrity Gossip

Welcome once again to "Sizzling Celebrity Gossip," your only spot on the "internet" for sizzling celebrity gossip. Here's the sizzling question on everyone's sizzling lips: WHICH Elizabethan sorcerer is the toast of Oxford, Mississippi? Why, Dr. John Dee, of course! Overheard before the Roy Blount Jr. reading: a guy named Burke telling a certain local professor about "The John Dee Memorial Theater of the Mind," which is located in... wait for it... Alabama! Natch! Where else would "The John Dee Memorial Theater of the Mind" be located? Nowhere, that's where! Unless in the beautiful environs of Oxford, Mississippi, home to the world's biggest John Dee fan club which I am making up right now. Because wait! Later, at the City Grocery Bar, novelist Lee Durkee was observed to have John Dee on the brain. Turns out he is in the midst of revising a scholarly paper about none other than Dr. John Dee. For real! Durkee was heard to make sizzling remarks such as "Faulkner comes from the King James Bible. But Shakespeare comes from the Geneva Bible." Sizzling!