Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kay Was Afire With Love

I just have to share some - and man I'm leaving a lot out! - of the love chapter of THE HUCKSTERS, our current Doomed Book Club selection: "'My love,' she said... 'You're my love.' 'Yes,' he said. 'Yes. Yes.' 'Oh yes, my love...' And love rose dreamily up with them and with them left the sea, and went back with them down the wondrous boulevard. [!!! - ed.] Kay was afire with love... She whispered dazedly [Dazedly! Whispered dazedly! - ed.] 'My love... Just think, my love... you're like an artery. [Ha ha! Yes, just think! - ed.] Just touching your shoulder. It's like an artery pumping..." If you say so, lady! Vic helpfully adds, "Lots of people live and die without ever being in love. Millions of them." He is always putting things into perspective and bringing everybody down with his wise gloom. And Kay responds, "I know. I see it in their faces. They don't know about love. Their ignorance is in their faces." Wow! Because oh yeah I forgot to tell you, one thing about Vic is that he does everything right and everybody else does everything wrong and that includes being in love.