Monday, February 06, 2012

The Toughest Old Tyrant Who Ever Sold Soap

Today was a great mail day! Nothing ever comes in the mail but today everything came in the mail. A magazine! A package of goodies from Kelly Hogan and maybe I will tell you about it sometime. A check for a short story I forgot I wrote! Plus an out-of-print mass-market paperback for the Doomed Book Club! It's a 1940s novel about the fast-paced world of advertising: THE HUCKSTERS by Frederic Wakeman. Here is part of what it says about our protagonist on the back: "He got a hand-painted tie at thirty-five bucks... And the respect of the toughest old tyrant who ever sold soap... He got Marguerite... and Connie... and glamorous red-headed Jean. He got everything a man could want... but he didn't know what he wanted. Not till he met Kay, cool, blonde, lovely Kay. Then he knew what he wanted but didn't know how to get it!"