Friday, February 17, 2012

Multiple Satin Clown Pants

Just watched the first few minutes of THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS (directed by Mel Shavelson) dvr'd from TCM. I can feel you not caring! But a woman painted a smile on Bob Hope's face, saying, "Clowns should be happy... Now you can be sad, miserable, mean, horrible, whatever you wish. On the outside you are happy!" That makes THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS another sad clown movie to add to our tally. Oh yeah? How do you spend your day? I got this image from a site where you can bid on Bob Hope's original clown pants from THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS. See also. Here's part of the description: "The cream wool pants with multi-colored satin polka-dots comes complete with the original Paramount label sewn inside with 'Double Bob Hope' handwritten in faded blue ink. (due to there being complex action and fire during the sequence, Hope would have had multiple pants for filming)." I think what they're avoiding is that Bob Hope's double wore these clown pants. Still a great bargain!