Thursday, February 02, 2012

Yes I Kiln

The LAFA SHOPPER came in the mail yesterday, or was it the day before? You know what the LAFA SHOPPER is: it's a thin local paper, free, mostly classified ads, and I love it. Past highlights include a story about a dead hog in the road and "Vacation Bible School Approaching Fast." Don't forget that actually very pretty piece about bitterweed. In this issue the editor is baffled because people keep sending him emails about kilns: "Do I have one? Do I need one? Can I find one? - et cetera," he summarizes. But he knows nothing about kilns. As he explains, "Throughout my life, I have seen or heard (or thought) the word 'kiln' MAYBE once every 10 years." (Caps his.) But at the end of the column he gives in. Okay, if you need a kiln, he knows where some kilns are. Get in touch. The editorial is entitled "Please, Kiln You Help?" Ha ha ha ha ha ha! And that is why I love the LAFA SHOPPER.