Saturday, August 31, 2013

Two Things I Don't Care About or Apparently I Do

"Winner Declared in Chimpanzee Art Contest," goes one headline in today's New York Times: a headline to set your teeth on edge with whimsy and invite no perusal of the accompanying story (though see also). Which reminds me, this phrase was tucked into the New York Times the other day: "rump-shaking among dancing bears." (See also.) I almost told you but then I didn't but now I did. ("Click" here for a related story about two things I didn't "google." And for further contemplation of the hoary dumb old "Why, a chimpanzee could make better art than some of these so-called modernists" gag, which I am not sure has any bearing on the article, avoiding it as I did, "click" here. Ha ha, I know you won't "click" there. You never "click" anywhere. How I hate you!)