Monday, August 26, 2013


Hey Joey Lauren Adams is in town! I saw her at the City Grocery Bar tonight and she told us all about the monster movie she just wrapped, the first monster movie in which she has ever starred. So, based on Joey's description of the mayhem, Lisa Howorth (who was there) invented the portmanteau word "blerking," based on blood and twerking, and decided the movie should be called BLERK! It is not called that. Joey Lauren Adams had never heard of twerking, by her own account. We were stunned and amazed! We had heard of twerking. Lee Durkee, who was on hand, had heard of twerking. My grad student Lizzie, who comes from New Orleans, where twerking originated, provided additional scholarly twerking details. A doubtful Joey Lauren Adams looked it up on her iPhone and was unimpressed. "I saw this in Clarksdale ten years ago," she said, stifling a yawn at the twerking. Later, though, she organized a party to "go twerking," though some of us declined. We were also drinking with an FBI agent who, when some freshman girls asked about his occupation, drily claimed to be "a soybean farmer." So it was some night. The freshman girls (who I suppose were not freshmen, as they were legally drinking alcohol, though they had a freshman aura) were from Houston and kept apologizing for harassing Joey because, as they repeatedly explained, "there are a lot of lookalikes in Houston." So they pretended - with real, continuous commitment! - that they thought Joey might just be someone who looked like herself professionally.