Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gaga Blues Museum

Yesterday I was at an Oxford American event at the Delta Blues Museum. Peter Guralnick made a Lady Gaga reference. Do y'all understand what this means? I don't think you do. As the French historian Paul Veyne once wrote, "When one does not see what one does not see, one does not even see that one is blind." And that's okay! I don't know what anything means either! It's that way for everybody all the time, including Paul Veyne, is Paul Veyne's point, I think. I can't speak for Paul Veyne! But if you think I am implying it is a "bad thing" that Peter Guralnick is talking about Lady Gaga in a blues museum, allow me to quote T. S. Eliot: "That is not what I meant at all. That is not it, at all." There, have I quoted enough things? Maybe museums are the problem! Did you ever think of that?