Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Am the New Oprah

Do you like out-of-print biographies of obscure comedians who are threatened by gangsters? Then have I got the book club for you! It's the __________ Book Club. Soon the blank will be filled by a cool, clever name for our book club! Play along at home, won't you, as Megan Abbott, McNeil, Kelly Hogan and I (and possibly two crime writers who are on the fence) read THE JOKER IS WILD: THE STORY OF JOE E. LEWIS by Art Cohn. Order your copy now, before the prices skyrocket when used booksellers see how everybody is going crazy for it. Did you know that Joe E. Lewis was portrayed in a movie by Frank Sinatra? Did you know that he is NO RELATION to Jerry Lewis? There are so many interesting facts about Joe E. Lewis, probably. Let's find out together! Better yet, let the book club do the work for you, and just sit back and enjoy as "minutes" from our "meetings" come rolling in. PS: Hmm, maybe Joe E. Lewis isn't as obscure as I thought. He provides the "favorite quote" for one of the members of the University of Richmond Women's Club Rugby Team (Spring 2006 roster), as I discovered while doing a "Google Image Search" for him. That quotation? "You're not drunk if you can lie on the floor without holding on." Goodness! Megan told me that one of his big lines was "I get up every day at the crack of ice." Gosh! What kind of book club have I gotten myself into?