Sunday, July 11, 2010

Death By Exclamation Point!

I am somewhat - but not entirely! - mortified to learn that something from this "blog" is being used as a review of John Brandon's great new book CITRUS COUNTY over on the Powell's "web" site. Don't misinterpret my mortification! I am not sad about appearing at Powell's, which is a wonderful bookstore, nor am I ashamed of praising John's novel. But you have noticed how many exclamation points I use on this "blog," right? It is part of "blog" me! It is not necessarily part of "real" me, though "real" me has been known to toss about an exclamation point or two in the spirit of good clean fun. Still, my brief "blurb" at Powell's contains five exclamation points, which is five more than "real" me would have used in a more polished and thoughtful (though equally enthusiastic) assessment. "Oh, what is identity anyway?" is a question that many drunken philosophers have been overheard asking. The lines have been blurred! Perhaps forever! PS: How could I not know that Iron Man has an enemy named the Unicorn? No, we are not going back to random illustrations... this comic book cover popped up kind of inexplicably when I was doing a "Google Image Search" for this "post."