Saturday, July 17, 2010

Awesome Fashionable Ladies

There are these awesome fashionable ladies going around making people disappear with the help of their identical silent henchmen (one example pictured here). Spoiler alert - he has cat eyes behind those shades and an extra set of baby arms with claws! That's THE WILD, WILD PLANET! I love it! In the movie THE WILD, WILD PLANET, we also get to see the entertainment of the future, which is people in tights impersonating butterflies while the audience stands around in a big circle (below). People go to a show twice in THE WILD, WILD PLANET, and both times the show consists of people in tights impersonating butterflies while the audience stands around in a big circle. If you think THE WILD, WILD PLANET is "bad" or you are too "smart" for it, or maybe you would get your kicks eating candy and making wisecracks about it with your other "smart" friends, maybe you don't know how to enjoy life properly. But that's okay! It is none of my business. You probably think there's something "wrong" with the deer in ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS, too. Whereas I say if you want a vision of the future in which people in tights impersonate butterflies while the audience stands in a big circle, you are going to get a certain movie all around it, and isn't it totally worth it? Plus it ends in an explosion of bloody pink water that will make you think of THE SHINING. People just keep making crazy artifacts and there is nothing you can do to stop them. Why would you want to? You should be thanking them! Isn't the world great? And also it is possible to enjoy the deer in ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS with very little effort. Meet the deer halfway! Are you too "good" for that? Remember what Keats said about "things semireal." You may think you could do "better." Here's a camera, go for it! Who knows? Maybe you are right and I am wrong! Who are you? Did I make you up? Why am I arguing with you? Why am I so defensive? You didn't do anything to me! Can't you see what I'm trying to tell you? I love you! Let's never fight again!