Monday, July 12, 2010

Bad Reference

Now you know I love to make references! There is nothing more enjoyable than a reference, as I am sure you will agree. Yet I fear my most recent reference ("Night of 1,000 Grishams") was faulty on every level. First, there was only one Grisham, seen in but two places. So at most it was a night of two Grishams, and even that is stretching it. Second, the reference was to something everyone has forgotten but me... a TV show called NIGHT OF 100 STARS. So third, I should have called it "Night of 100 Grishams" if I wanted my reference to be accurate. NIGHT OF 100 STARS was this thing where these "stars" marched around for some reason I can't recall, and as far as I can remember that was pretty much the whole show, these people you have never heard of ("stars" we called them then) marching around. That's what we thought entertainment was! Here is a sample if you think I am exaggerating: