Thursday, July 08, 2010


The "blog" welcomes you once again to "Foodstuffs!" It's our regular column about foodstuffs: "Foodstuffs!" Do you know what an iPhone is? No you don't! You do? How about an "app"? I have heard of those! Yet I remain unclear about the whole deal as I wander the streets in my bathrobe and a single drooping sock. Yesterday, a couple of students showed me how their iPhones allowed them to take pictures of people and add a hundred pounds of weight to them through digital tomfoolery. It's an "app"! I told them that in my house I call it a "mirror." Then I made the sort of crack that old men relentlessly and predictably and boringly make about how everything is terrible now and oh boy I am so glad technology is being put to good use. What a jerk! They didn't care. They just looked at their "app" and giggled. Because it made people look fat! And today I find I have to "eat" my words. Ha ha ha! I put "eat" in "quotation marks" because none other than John T. Edge has just launched his very own iPhone "app"! It is called "Southern Belly" and opens up for you a world of deliciousness and you should get it right now if you are mod and "in the know." Read all about it!