Thursday, August 01, 2013

Real Sandwich Talk

Kent Osborne took a little trip to Chicago. "I ate meat," he said of his visit. "DID YOU HAVE ANY CHICKEN?" I shrieked hysterically, because Kent never gets tired of me reminding him in a humorous fashion that he loves to eat chicken. "One day I had fried chicken for lunch and chicken wings for dinner," Kent replied. He loves chicken! We talked about a hot dog Kent ate, then he sent me a picture of it, seen here. I tried to tell Kent about delicious sandwiches that Dr. Theresa and Kelly Hogan and I had in Chicago in October of 2002, wondering if he had enjoyed a similar one during his visit, but I did a poor job of describing them because Kent said, "Muffuletta?" And I said, "No..." Wrong sandwich region! Coming from the Gulf Coast, I am quite well acquainted with said muffuletta! So I knew that wasn't it. Well, I sent a message to Hogan, asking her the name of the memorable sandwich (she was the one who guided us to it), the juiciness and flavor of which have stayed with me for over a decade now, but I haven't heard back yet so I did a little "internet research" and the type of sandwich I am thinking of is called an "Italian beef." You should get one! "Click" here for a wikipedia article about it. (See also. For further reading: "The Osborne Sandwich.") I want to recommend the novel MILDRED PIERCE to Kent if he hasn't read it: it is the novel guaranteed to make you hungriest for chicken! On the other hand, it could drive him into a dangerous frenzy. Because he loves chicken so much. Loves it! Chicken. He loves it. Kent loves chicken.