Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis

Hello dear friends and welcome once more to "Bookmarkin'! with Jack Pendarvis," helping YOU pick the right bookmark for the right book since 2007. You will be thrilled to hear that I finally decided what to read next: THE GO-BETWEEN by L.P. Hartley. For a bookmark I happened to snatch up the first thing handy, a sturdy cardboard tag that had been attached to some gloves Dr. Theresa gave me for Christmas. Friends, it works like a charm! A dull gold in color, with black print, it proclaims LAUER GLOVES to be "FINE GLOVES FOR MEN." Beneath that comes the company slogan, italicized AND in quotation marks: "ON HAND SINCE 1908" - ha ha! I added the "ha ha." Haven't read much of THE GO-BETWEEN yet, but it promises to have plenty of characters who wear "FINE GLOVES FOR MEN." And if it doesn't take place in 1908, it is pretty dang close. Even the color matches the mood of the book, yes, the muted gold of memory. All this, mark it! - ha ha, "mark it" - with no conscious effort. Heed, then: I allowed the bookmark to CHOOSE ME. There is a Jungian impulse at work when we choose our bookmarks properly, friends, or maybe I am saying we need to be like that old zen dude I told you about one time when we are picking our bookmarks. May your new year be filled with appropriate bookmarks.