Friday, January 17, 2014

Feedin' and Readin'

I am going to "plug" two things! 1) Remember when City Grocery was having those "pop-ups"? Sure you do! It's where I saw George Saunders eating a corn dog. Now they're back! And for a good cause: raising money for acclaimed pitmaster Rodney Scott, whose place suffered a devastating fire. "Click" here for all the "pop-up" details. On Monday, the chef is Ashley Christensen. You'd be crazy not to eat her food! Remember when I had dinner with John T. Edge and Kat Kinsman and Angie Mosier and some dude I recognized from IRON CHEF at the James Beard house? Chef Christensen and her people made that dinner! I don't think I ever told you about it because I used part of that experience in an article. Sometimes I have to keep things from you because I'm going to use them in an article! See? You think you know everything about me but you don't. That was the time I went to New York to interview Jerry Lewis but Jerry Lewis fainted instead. Here is a photo Kat took that very night, in which John T. and I are bookended by acclaimed pitmasters: Drew Robinson and, next to me, Rodney Scott himself! My neck was too fat for my bow tie, an interesting fact I address in that article. See what you're missing? And now you know everything about me. BONUS SIZZLING CELEBRITY GOSSIP: Who should I run into at City Grocery Bar but John Currence himself? John reported that Dan Aykroyd was eating at Snackbar the other night! And as I am sure you will recall, Laraine Newman ate there not too long ago herself. John was pretty happy about having two original cast members in his place in such a short time. SIZZLING CELEBRITY GOSSIP! And thus concludes the first "plug." 2) There's going to be a big old reading at Proud Larry's on Wednesday February 5th, 9 PM. It's part of a series called "Noir at the Bar," which takes place all over the country, maybe. But on that night it's right here in Oxford. Here's the line-up! Megan Abbott! Chris Offutt! Ace Atkins! Scott Phillips! Tom Franklin! Derrick Harriell! Bill Boyle! Jedidiah Ayres! Me. I remembered them all without peeking. I think you're supposed to read something wild and bloody and shocking so I'll probably do something about my kitties. Everybody better shock me fast because I have to be in bed by 10.