Friday, January 17, 2014


I walked into Ajax today for a late lunch and Randy, the owner, said, "He'll have a Pendarvis!" Once again, he meant the "Osborne Sandwich," which was exactly right, it was what I wanted. As I sat at the bar waiting for my Osborne Sandwich, a priest walked in wearing his full priest uniform and noted a saintly icon that Randy had over the bar, correctly identifying the saint. Then the priest suggested that Ajax would be better off with another saint as its patron, and he named the saint, but I couldn't hear the name because the priest was at the other end of the bar, and then I could swear that the priest said to Randy, about that saint, "He was literally grilled to death." Then the priest cheerfully and innocuously laughed, but my brain interpreted it as maniacal laughter (I am certain it was not): "He was literally grilled to death. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!" After I ate, I walked up to Ace Atkins's office and interrupted his writing. We caught up on things. I tried to talk him into going to City Grocery Bar for a drink, but he was about to take his son to "the squirrel movie" (see also). Then I walked to Square Books and talked to Richard Howorth about history and Kaitlyn, who works there, about WUTHERING HEIGHTS, and I was like, you know, this town is all right. I was having a good time. And by then the bar was open and I walked up and saw Megan Abbott and Bill Boyle there, both recently returned from New York. Megan showed us some pictures of a wax museum she had gone to and said, "I like wax museums, generally."