Thursday, January 16, 2014

I'm Sorry, America

Hey I'm so sorry I forgot to tell you about "Dump Cakes." I meant to "blog" about them when I "blogged" about Judd Nelson, which I never did. So! You remember that certain kind of commercial. Dr. Theresa likes the one where they start out by telling you how hard it is to water plants, with reenactments of people trying in vain to water plants. I like the one where they demonstrate how hard it is to use a wallet! Wallets are hard! Well, the other night I saw one in which they tell you how hard it is to follow a recipe, and they show a harried woman throwing flour everywhere while she tries to figure out this "recipe" business. But don't worry! This spokesperson has invented something called "Dump Cakes" and you can buy her "Dump Cakes" cookbook. I will paraphrase slightly, but she demonstrates like so: "Take some fruit! Dump in some cake mix! Now dump in a can of soda! Voila! Now you have a dump cake!" Those are truly the ingredients: fruit, cake mix, a can of soda. I thought it was a weird joke at first but it was not a weird joke. This person is so serious about her dump cakes. She also has a cookbook called "Dump Dinners." DUMP DINNERS. In case you think I am making it up, I am going to "link" to the "dump cakes" "web" site, which DOES NOT CONSTITUTE AN ENDORSEMENT OF DUMP CAKES.