Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Banana Hole

Lisa Howorth and I went over to Lee Durkee's last night to watch a production of DOCTOR FAUSTUS, and both Lisa and I swore that we heard the devil (I think) mention a "banana hole." The more Lee objected, the more Lisa and I convinced ourselves that the "banana hole" was an important aspect of DOCTOR FAUSTUS. Tonight at City Grocery Bar, Ace was buying everybody Jack Roses, which is a cocktail Hemingway loved, made with apple brandy and grenadine and who knows what. Bill Boyle gave me the startling news that EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND was part of the inspiration for his brutal novel GRAVESEND. Then Lisa came in and we talked about banana holes some more. Lisa claimed that she looked up banana holes and they are a legitimate oceanic geographic feature, is that what she said? God knows what she said. But I was proud because she repeated to Dr. Theresa what I, inspired by the banana hole, had told Lisa the night before: that on different occasions Dr. Theresa has rightfully said to me, "Shut your truth hole!" and "Shut your manhole!"