Wednesday, March 19, 2014

When Dodo Dies

Remember when I watched all those sad clown movies in a row? Those were the days! I'm not sure I'm up to it anymore. Still, I couldn't help but set the old dvr to record THE CLOWN, a Red Skelton movie that was coming on TCM in the wee hours. Maybe I'll work up my nerve to watch it. I seem to recall that it's based on the old Wallace Beery tearjerker THE CHAMP. Why would I remember something like that? Only instead of a sad boxer he's a sad clown. Hey, when I was searching for an illustration for this "post," I saw that a youtube clip of THE CLOWN is entitled "When Dodo Dies." Oh no! (See also.) I didn't watch it and I'm not going to "link" to it either because oh my God.