Tuesday, March 11, 2014

No Breathers

Next week it's the surprising season finale of ADVENTURE TIME! Long season: 52 episodes, of which I was lucky to work on the second half. Which reminds me. There's this internet commenter who posits repeatedly with firm and knowing authority (she or he just did it again), that the season was so long to give us "more time to plan out season 6... while 5 was a breather for a while." Is it something that someone involved with the show once said? That seems to be the commenter's implication. But I can't figure out how a double-length season is a "breather." By definition it is twice as much work, and I can tell you it leaves no time for planning anything. All right! I'm glad I got that off my chest. One of the most exciting things about working on ADVENTURE TIME is how little planning we can do. No, it's constant action! Every meeting is a dizzying plummet into the vortex! Be sure to tune into Monday's finale, featuring guest stars Lou Ferrigno, Mark Hamill and Andy Samberg, a combo you have been dreaming of I bet.