Sunday, May 18, 2014

Couldn't Sit Still

Hey look at this pic I nabbed from Anthony Bourdain's "blog." You can see Mr. Bourdain and Tom Franklin and Chris Offutt with his cascading silver locks, and the back of Wright Thompson's head and the back of Ace Atkins's head and if you look carefully, Megan Abbott's ever-thoughtful nose and mouth. Back behind the camera, that glamorous "extra" is Dr. Theresa, talking to some dude in a vest. (Dr. Theresa says that's Drew! My old eyes are going.) See that empty chair next to Anthony Bourdain? That's my chair! I kept getting up for more drinks. Yes, we were having a high old time that night at the City Grocery Bar. Many of us were out of our minds! "Because that's the reality," as Richard E. Grant says in THE PLAYER. I wish I could say it like Richard E. Grant. However the show came out I just hope I don't embarrass my poor old mother, that's all I ask, Lord. Why didn't someone stand behind me constantly whispering in my ear that I was on national TV? The next day - a luncheon at the Lamar Lounge - I was gently asked by the production team not to jump up and wiggle around so much. You know, for continuity. I'm a perpetual rube! It was exciting having Anthony Bourdain in town to shoot his show PARTS UNKNOWN, which is coming on CNN tonight. That's why I couldn't sit still!