Friday, May 09, 2014

Devil Eyes II: The Bedeviling

Megan sent me that "devil eyes" picture I told you about that nearly killed John Currence. Ha ha, look, there in the back, Liam is standing in front of a painting that makes him look like he has giant hair. Good times, good times. Speaking of hair, last night I watched a few minutes of X, Y & ZEE but I couldn't go on! You see, back when Megan was here and we were reading the Richard Burton diaries together, I noticed X, Y & ZEE coming on TCM and dvr'd it and we planned to watch it but we never did. So the associations are painful. But I watched enough to see that Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Caine in 1972 had hair that looked especially crazy when they were playing ping pong... and that the screenplay was written by Edna O'Brien. And that Elizabeth Taylor won at ping pong.