Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Are Flaming Puckers

Jimmy and Bill gave me a neat old paperback that proclaims itself on its cover to be "a new SHELL SCOTT novel by Richard S. Prather - Over 27,000,000 SHELL SCOTT books sold!" And here is how it starts: "She had eyes that sizzled and lips like flaming puckers..." Before that, we get a little preview page up front, spiced with dialogue to pique the potential reader's interest, in which this person with sizzling eyes (her name is Doody!) accuses SHELL SCOTT of "plying" her with drinks and "crab Louies" to get information. On the back of the book there's an ad for SEX AND THE SINGLE GIRL by Helen Gurley Brown! Here is a different SHELL SCOTT novel with a funny title. I see that Prather also wrote one called THREE'S A SHROUD, now that is some terrible wordplay.