Monday, May 19, 2014

TV Paraphrase

Here is a picture taken from a TV screen of Bill Boyle and Derrick Harriell on last night's Anthony Bourdain TV program. And here, below, I attack some oysters while everybody else is like hey, are we going to get any of those oysters? And the answer is no, not if I can help it. Speaking of shamelessness, when Bill and Jimmy were interviewing me a while back I said something comparing writers who are jealous and competitive to a couple of Beckett characters arguing over a piece of dirt (see HOW IT IS) so on the TV program when the same subject came up I was able to whip out a paraphrase of my earlier observation as a seemingly spontaneous aperçu but it wasn't, it wasn't a spontaneous aperçu, I am sorry for my lack of a spontaneous aperçu.