Thursday, January 01, 2015

A Moment of Disorientation

Dr. Theresa and I are latecomers to this movie THE ROOM that everybody says is so awful, and it really isn't "good." But I have to say that while watching it I experienced one moment of bracing and unexpected disorientation worthy of David Lynch. It's near the beginning of the film (I think), after we have seen some of our main characters having interactions in their living room. Suddenly two people we've never seen before come into the same (now empty) room and start enacting their completely unrelated story. For a few minutes - before their situation is "explained" - they seem extra-dimensional or ghostly. I was pleasantly baffled and sort of had the creeps. One of them is this guy (pictured). He made a lot of funny faces and chewed food with his mouth open and exuded a cheerful banality I've seen in some Lynch characters. He also suffered a terrifyingly arbitrary pratfall. Okay, that's my take on THE ROOM, sorry I'm a decade late, goodbye, sorry for everything.