Monday, January 05, 2015

Big Doings

Hey! Did you know I'm interviewing Patton Oswalt about his new book SILVER SCREEN FIEND at Square Books on February 11? And then on the 19th Dr. Theresa's organization, The Sarah Isom Center, is bringing the great independent producer and actor Maggie Renzi - co-maker of all those amazing John Sayles movies - to the Overby Center to discuss her work. Not long after that - March 6 - Joey Lauren Adams will be coming back to town to show the film she wrote and directed, COME EARLY MORNING, at the Powerhouse, once again thanks to the Sarah Isom Center, who are ALSO bringing David Simon and John Waters to Oxford (!) at the end of March. David Simon is the keynote speaker for the Isom Student Gender Conference, and his event will also be part of the Oxford Conference For the Book, during which I'll host a panel featuring my ADVENTURE TIME coworkers Seo Kim (author of CAT PERSON) and Kent Osborne, AND my former ADVENTURE TIME coworker Nathasha Allegri, who has gone on to create the wildly popular and extremely gorgeous BEE AND PUPPYCAT (pictured). So! That's Patton Oswalt, Maggie Renzi, Joey Lauren Adams, David Simon, John Waters, Natasha Allegri, Seo Kim, Kent Osborne, what else do you want? Everybody on my panel likes cats. Get out a big magic marker and mark up your calendars! Do it now! I'm sick of telling you.