Sunday, January 11, 2015

Imaginary Research

So I was reading in this paean to the cigar called HOLY SMOKE by G. Carbrera Infante, which I picked up at the used book stall the other day, about the movie MERRY CHRISTMAS, MR. LAWRENCE, in which, according to Infante, David Bowie "smokes a cigarette that isn't there: he lights it, he draws, he enjoys the smoke..." Oh boy! I thought. Maybe David Bowie uses an imaginary cigarette lighter! That's just what my cigarette lighter book could use. Hot stuff! Gee, I hope he doesn't use an imaginary match. What a bummer that would be. So I watch it, and despite what Infante says, David Bowie doesn't light his imaginary cigarette at all! He just smokes it. David Bowie's imaginary cigarette is pre-lit! If you want to know what I do every day, this is what I do every day. Thanks for nothing, G. Carbrera Infante.